Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Drink of Tomorrow [The Achewood Cookbook]

Is it a good or bad sign when a recipe needs a diagram?

Yeah! A space drink! The diagram instantly caught my eye - I like the retro-futuristic marshmallow structure like a little 50s satellite. It seems like a pretty straightforward recipe - basically a vodka tonic with some colour and a fun garnish.

Cookbook Recipe:

I'm not mixing top shelf with marshmallows.
  • 2 shots vodka
  • 4 shots tonic
  • 1/2 shot blue curacao
  • 3 red toothpicks (I did find coloured toothpicks, but they're pale. Still technically red, for whatever that adds to the drink.)
  • 7 small marshmallows
Following the cookbook recipe exactly:

1. Assemble the marshmallow array. Stick the three toothpicks through the centre marshmallow and then top them with the other marshmallows. (The diagram above helps.) Place in the freezer for 1 hour.

 No regrets.

2. Make sure the liquids are all chilled, and mix them together. The recipe suggests an "old-fashioned crystal tumbler" - I went for the necessary substitute of a cheap souvenir tumbler from Newfoundland.

3. Drop the marshmallow structure into the drink and serve immediately.

The Outcome:

I'm basically living Star Trek now.

I'm a little hamstrung here since I'm not really a tonic fan, but yeah, this is a fun vodka tonic. The curacao gives colour and a touch of flavour but doesn't overwhelm. I really like the marshmallow topping, though I don't think the freezing did much - the marshmallows thaw and go soft very quickly. If I was to remake this, I'd use soda water instead, but that's just personal preference. Since I've now got all these marshmallows and curacao, I can make retro-future drinks out of pretty much anything now!

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