Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Cookbook Crusher: Coffee: 100 Everyday Recipes

Look at this tiny cookbook! Coffee: 100 Everyday Recipes is a cute mini hardcover cookbook, with every recipe using coffee to some extent. A caveat - I'm not a big coffee snob (I'm happy with Tim Hortons); I like the taste but it's mainly a caffeine delivery vehicle to me. Still, it'll be interesting to see how it's incorporated into all these dishes.

I was initially a bit leery about this cookbook, since as shown by the sign, I did get it for a toonie at the dollar store. I also can't seem to find a listing for it on Amazon, which is a bit of a red flag. But leafing through it, it does have professionally done photographs for each recipe, and nothing in the recipes I've skimmed jumps out at me as off or wrong. However, I haven't tried anything from here yet, so I'm going in blind.

This cookbook is about 3/4 dessert recipes - they're split up into cakes, "small cakes" / cookies, and general desserts. This makes sense, since coffee pairs great with things like chocolate or nuts. There is a small section on savoury dishes that's caught my eye, I definitely want to try some of those! There's a generous drinks section too - both alcoholic and non-alc. It's an American cookbook, and in my experience American desserts can run a bit sweet or heavy, but I'm ready to get my beano buzz on!

The five recipes tested are:


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